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The ventilation pipe or vent serves mainly to prevent bad odors and allow the suction of solid waste. In addition, it is used in spaces that cannot be ventilated with windows or extractor fan and helps to extract humid air after bathing. It is recommended to place it between the watering can and the toilet and connect it to an opening in the roof of the house.

To define the dimensions of the septic tank, you should be guided by the number of inhabitants living in the house. For example, for a house of 8 people, the approximate measurements are 2.7 m long, 1.25 m wide and 1.2 m deep. Also take into account that the slope of the masonry must be greater than or equal to 2% and use a 4-inch pipe. Remember that the septic tank is only used when there is a lack of public drainage networks.

The tile should be soaked for about 20 minutes. Then you should dry it so that it drains before placing it, this to avoid the absorption of water from the mortar mixture and prevent them from breaking or fracturing.

Yes, the electro-welded mesh is an indispensable element to give additional support to firm or floors, strengthens them and prevents cracking.

Yes it is recommended, the function of the chain is to support the structure and support mezzanines and walls and closes the frames of the structure. In addition, when you have a foundation slab, it is essential to have chains before building a wall.